About us

At OSAA, we strive to create a better day for all people regardless of age, race, health and economic status. By challenging the conventional way of thinking, we want to improve the quality of life for the society around us.

Currently, our primary focus lies within the medical sector. We are interested in improving the way patients have been treated for decades, in order to facilitate these processes for both the patients and health professionals.

By combining user-focused approach and simple mechanical engineering, we aim to create simple yet effective and user-friendly products that will help numerous people around the world.


Ahmed Hessam


Ahmed Hessam is the founder of OSAA Innovation. He has a background as an Industrial Designer and has worked on the concepts for innovative devices since 2009.

Alexei Cernenco

QA Manager

Starting off as an industrial designer Alexei Cernenco later on ventured into Economics. Pursuing interest with economics and emerging technologies he achieved bachelor degree in Business Administration and Infotmation Systems from Copenhagen Business School.

Hans Henrik Klovborg

Chairman of the Board

Hans Henrik is CEO of City Property Holding A/S, representing lead external investor in OSAA, and a family office with main activities in real estate, investment and private equity. Hans Henrik has a background is economics, finance and audit from Copenhagen Business School. Hans Henrik contributes to the Board with knowledge in finance and investment.

Helle Jørgsholm

Board Member

Helle Jørgsholm is an experienced lawyer that has been working with a great variety of cases. She has years of experience in negotiation and counselling concerns regarding intellectual property. Throughout the years she has been part of great number of succesuful negotiations, as result gaining substantial knowledge about various contractual facets.

Jón Ingi Benediktsson

Board Member

Jón Ingi has close to 30 years of experience in Life Science and a proven successful track record within innovation, of managing sales, investments, technology transfer and as business accelerator. He has a well-established network within the hospital sector and is a specialist in medical technologies.

Jes Broeng

Board Member

Co-founder Jes Broeng is an entrepreneur and a professor at the Technical University of Denmark and guest lector at Berkley University. He has extensive experience in business development, product development, sales and licensing.

Henrik Harboe


Experienced doctor, who pushed number of inventions to the market and thus have a substantial experise with commercialising great ideas

Sam Kondo Steffensen


Programm director at DTU Business. Over the years built an impressive network of key players on the healthcare market both in Denmark, USA and South East Asia.



3PART create value for companies developing innovative products and services that are based on customer needs. They work with innovation on a strategic, but also a practical level.

Berkeley University

The Sutardja Center and the Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation are partnering with OSAA Innovation for a design and build challenge. Teams of graduate students with experience in mechanical engineering, medical devices, design and fabrication will help design and build a prototype of the device that improves IV-treatment.

Region Sjælland

Region Sjælland is one of five Regions in Denmark and administrate 17 municipalities and 7 hospitals. Region Sjælland plays a key role in the development of our product as Køge Universitetshospital is planning to be the first hospital in Denmark to test our product.


Patient@home is Denmark’s largest welfare-technological research and innovation initiative with focus on new technologies and services aimed at especially rehabilitation and monitoring activities within the Danish public health sector. Patient@home helps OSAA Innovation with the various tests and researches.

University College Copenhagen

With greater awareness of the ever-changing dynamics of a globalised world, The Metropolitan University College looks towards the international community to seek partnerships and cooperation for the exchange of knowledge and insight. Metropol University College offers OSAA Innovation testing environment within their new simulation facility.

City of Aarhus

The municipality of Aarhus have an Emergency Team that is specialized in health care. The team consists of high trained nurses. Their job is to step in complex and urgent situations in residents home in the City of Aarhus – 24 hour a day. They are partnering with OSAA Innovation in tests with patients of all age and IV required treatments.

MedTech Innovation

Medtech Innovation is one of 22 nationwide innovation networks supported by the Ministry of Education and Research. The networks  unites researchers, companies and public authorities  to facilitate innovation and growth.
IV-GO improves patient safety, increases usability and reduces the financial costs. Anne Lis Mikkelsen Englund

Sc.D. Chief Physician, Holbæk Hospital, Denmark

This is the best invention in medical equipment since the IV treatment was invented. IV-GO is simple,  aesthetic and user friendly – both for patients and health professionals. Inanna Weiss

Plastic surgeon, Hudkræftklinikken.dk

It’s an interesting idea based on a delightfully simple principle that solves a relevant challenge for the healthcare system. Anders Michelsen

Engineer, Kapacitet A/S, Denmark

How wonderful it is sometimes to encounter a couple of young guys like you who are ready to put it all on red for a project you belive in. We need more people like you. Allan Pedersen

CEO, AP Services A/S, Denmark


Tel. (DK): +45 31 84 23 98

Tel.(EN) : +45 22 52 09 15

E-mail: contact@osaa-innovation.com

Office: Symbion, Fruebjergvej 3, 2100 København Ø, Denmark